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Various Local and International Civil society Voices Regarding the Peace Process in Sri Lanka


1. PSG Welcomes Commencement of Formal Talks in Thailand: 16th August 2002

2. Statement of University Academics for Sustainable Peace (Sri Lanka)

3. Rights Safeguards Key to Sri Lanka Peace: End Child Soldier Use; Dispatch Independent Monitors : HRW background paper released on July 2nd 2002.

4. Sri Lanka: Amnesty International proposes new approach to peace process :A I Press Release 29/06/2002

5. AN APPEAL FOR PEACE AND DEMOCRATIZATION signed by Bishop Tutu, Arun Gandhi and hundreds of academics and activists from all over the world supporting the peace process in Sri Lanka and urging that the process need to be guided by, and aimed at, broader norms of democracy and human rights.

6. Peace Support Group calls for respect for human rights.

7. The Letters send by the Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA), regarding the peace process in Sri Lanka to the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and Mr. Pirapaharan, the leader of LTTE.

8. A Statement on People's Action for Genuine Peace and to Resist War, Racism and Globalization February 2002, Sri Lanka.

9. An Appeal: The Alliance for Peace and Integration.

10. Protect Alternative Tamil Opinion & Democracy During the Ceasefire


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