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Jaffna Diocesan Commission for Ecumenism and Dialogue,

Church of Our Lady of Refuge,2nd Cross Street, Jaffna

8th August, 1990.

We representatives from the above religious organisation together with our people express how shocked and grieved we were to hear the brutal and inhuman killings of our Muslim brothers and sisters on the 4th august at Kattankudi.  The nature of killings in defiance of the basic human value of love, compassion and mercy really depress us.

Though the Tamils and Muslims have many differences for long  years, the Tamils and Muslims have been living together side by side as one nation.  Our desire is that this unity should be strengthened for the benefit of both communities.  But unfortunately the continuing high rate of killings appears to threaten this unity.

Muslims’ search for autonomy and dignity never was viewed by the politicians with good intentions.  But they always approached the Muslim question in terms of their short term interests.  Hence the problems have been exacerbated.  The ill motivated use of the differences between the Tamils and the Muslims also has escalated.

Therefore we strongly feel that the relationship between the Tamils and Muslims which is already weak, should not be weakened further, by the acts of any force.  We also demand that the East ceased to be used as a battle ground for political intrigues of forces for whom the people of the East are of marginal interest.

All four religions that are being practiced in this country teach the same basic principle to love one another.  But it is very distressing to see that the recent violence that has been unleashed on the people is justified according to their religious affiliations.

We pray that the dignity of each religion should be preserved.  Also there should be unity among all.

Therefore we strongly condemn the recent killings and we appeal to all organisations to work hard to bring about a better understanding between the Tamils and the Muslims.


1.         Maharaja Sri  S. T. Shanmuganathan Kurukkal, Temple Trustee,  Maviddapuram Kandasamy Kovil.

2.         Fr. Jeyaseelan, Our Lady of Refuge, Jaffna.

3.         Rev. Henry Victor, Theological Seminary, Christu Seva Ashram, Marathanamadam.



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