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The objective of this documentation of deaths taking place primarily in the Northern Peninsula is not to provide accurate data for survey. It is more an attempt on our part to give an idea of the deaths, murders and massacres taking place on a day to day basis with no room for appeal or justice. The diary is compiled from newspaper items. The average deaths by violence is estimated to be about 5 a day according to mortuary authori­ties. This diary compiled from newspaper items in no way reflects accu­rately the number of killings taking place in the Northeastern Province, but we hope presenting them in this manner will  reveal the nature and the impersonality of the violence which stalks our land.

DATE          NAME                          INCIDENT            PLACE

 7.1.89   4 Civilians                 Shot dead in a con‑     Thenvarayali

                                       frontation              Vavuniya

14.1.89   A.K. Annamalai              Killed by the LTTE      Jaffna

           (NSSP member)

16.1.89   A youth killed, an          Incident unknown        Athisoodi Lane

           unidentified body found.                            Jaffna.

           3 LTTE members killed       In an attack by the     Mannar Veethi

                                       Sri Lankan Army         Vavuniya

17.1.89   Subramanium    (45)         In an attack by the     Rambaikulam

           K.Saraswathy   (35)         Sri Lankan Army         Vavuniya

           Muttiah        (75)

           Luxmy          (65)

           Sinnathamby    (23)

           Chinniah       (98)

           Mehavarnan     (45)

           Seelammah      (65)

Suntheralingam (48)

18.1.89   4 Civilians killed          In a bomb blast         Market Place,


26.1.89   A teacher                   Shot by the EPRLF       Jaffna Hindu

                                       during a rampage        College

29.1.89   N.Saravanabalachandiran     Killed in a crossfire   Ariyalai, Jaffna

30.1.89   R. Punithavathy(45)teacher  Shot by unknown gunmen  Chavakachcheri,

                                       at her residence        Jaffna.

 2.2.89   Jeganathan, Sathiyendra     Killed by the IPKF      Jaffna

           (University students)       during a peaceful demo.

 4.2.89   3 Civilians                 Killed in a shootout    Kattai addamban


 5.2.89   S. Narenthiran (22)         Killed by the IPKF      Sembianpattru,

           Devadas        (24)         during grenade charge   Jaffna.

                                       and rifle firing

23.2.89M.Amithalingam(Ealamurasu)Incidentsunknown       Pt.Pedro.

           Nallathankachi              (Killings condemned by  Vannarponnai  

           S. Kasinathan               by the EPRLF in a

           Thevanayagam                statement)              Pandiyan thalyu


25.2.89.  V. Pushpavathy (22)         Killed during shelling  Kallikai Junc.


14.3.89   Kutti Prema Thasan (18)     Killed during crossfire Kondavil, Jaffna

           Soruvam Charles    (20)

16.3.89   S.Kanagasabey      (76)     Killed in shell attack  Mullaitivu 1

16.3.89   Manoharan          (30)     Shot dead by the LTTE   Jaffna.    

           attendent in hospital                              

17.3.89   Ahileswaran        (62)     Shot dead by unidenti‑  Ariyalai, Jaffna

           tea boutique owner          fied gunmen                

19.3.893LTTEmembers             KilledbyEPRLF         Puddalai,Pt.P.

           3 EPRLF cadres              Killed by LTTE          Kuddathanai,Pt.P

23.3.89   V.Mylvaganam       (75)     Killed in a shootout    Velvettiturai

24.3.89   S. Selvaratnam     (25)     Shot dead by unidenti‑  Kondavil,Jaffna.

                                       fied persons           

25.3.89   Two youths                  Shot dead by unknown    Anaicoddai Junc.

           P.Suntharabose     (27)     persons                 Jaffna

25.3.89   K.Jesudasan                 Shot dead by unidenti‑  Vaitheesawara J.

                                       fied gunmen             Jaffna

25.3.89   Vijanathan         (20)     Killed in crossfire     Ariyalai, Jaffna

26.3.89   P. Arulrani        (39)     Shot dead by unidenti‑  Ariyalai, Jaffna

                                       fied persons           

26.3.89   Two youths                  Bodied discovered with  Annaicoddai Jun.

                                       gunshot injuries        Jaffna.

26.3.89   K.Thanabal                  Shot dead by unidenti‑  Maruthai Lane

           (an artist)                 fied persons            Jaffna

27.3.89   Poopalasingham     (50)     Shot dead by unidenti‑  Tellipalai,

                                       fied gunmen             Jaffna

27.3.89   An 18 year old youth        Body discovered with    Annaicoddai Jun.

                                       gunshot injuries        Jaffna

29.3.89   3 bodies of unidentified    Incident unknown        Mathawachi

           youth discovered                                   

29.3.89   Quintin Frances    (37)     Shot dead by unidenti‑  Anaipanthi,

                                       fied persons.           Jaffna.

29.3.89   4 disfigured bodies of      Incident unknown        Kalawewa.

           unidentified persons


31.3.89   S. Thavaloganathan (39)     Shot dead by EPRLF      Kalviyankadu


 2.4.89   N. Suntharesan     (45)     Shot dead by unidenti‑  Chullipuram

                                       fied gunmen

 7.4.89   K.Ramanathan (AGA)          Shot dead by the LTTE   Tellipalai

10.4.89   B.Ganeshan                  Shot dead by unidenti‑  Jaffna

fied gunmen

11.4.89   Kailaignanasingam           Shot dead presumably    Thirnelvely


11.4.89   Suresh             (21)     Admitted to the Jaffna       

                                       Teaching Hospital        Jaffna

with gunshot wounds by 

the IPKF. Died later   

12.4.89   Victor Emmanuel             Shot dead by unidenti‑  Rasavinthotam    

           (Sarvodaya Organisation     fied gunmen             Jaffna


12.4.89   Body of 25 year old         Incident unknown        Rasavinthotam

           youth found                                         Jaffna.

14.4.89   45 Killed                   In a bomb blast         Clock Tower Road


15.4.89   S.Balasingham      (65)     Shot dead by unidenti‑  Point Pedro

           S. Babu            (45)     fied gunmen

           S. Ganesh          (45)

17.4.89   10 Civilians killed         during a rampage by     Trincomalee

Sinhalese to avenge the

death of the 45 persons

17.4.89   S. Yogapragasam             Shot dead by unidenti‑  Kantharodayan J.

                                       fied gunmen             Jaffna

17.4.89   Shanthiniketan     (25)     Killed by the IPKF when

                                       in custody              Araly North.

17.4.89   J.Muthuranayagam   (35)     Body discovered         Hospital Rd.

                                                               Grand Bazaar,J.

22.4.89   R.Jeyaseelakrishnan         Killed during a IPKF    Pannagam

           V. Sivakumar                roundup                 Jaffna.

23.4.89   Krishnagopal                Shot dead by an         Vathiri Junction

           (Police Constable)          unidentified gunmen     Vadamarachchi

27.4.89   Ramalingam         (25)     Shot by an unidenti‑    Kurumanveli

           Sathiyanathan               fied persons

27.4.89   Kanagasabey Bharath(17)     Killed in a shootout    Killinochchi

           Ms. Kanagammah       

27.4.89   5 Civilians                 Killed in two separate  Trincomalee

incidents by unidenti‑     

fied gunmen

29.4.89   Shanmuganathan              Murder claimed by LTTE  Kalviyankaadu,


30.4.89   S. Pirabakaran              Killed in a confronta‑  Pirambady Lane

           (University Student)        tion between LTTE &IPKF Kokuvil

30.4.89   M. Mahalingam      (27)     Murder claimed by LTTE  Karaveddi Junc.

 1.5.89   V.M. Panchalingam (GA)      Murdered by the LTTE    Nallur

 1.5.89   Velayutham         (54)     Killed by the IPKF      Thavady

 2.5.89   S. Jeganathan               Killed by the IPKF      Poonahari

 2.5.89   R. Krishnapillai   (32)     Charred bodies were     Mulankavil

           R. Chandrapala     (25)     discovered after a      Poonahari

                                       round up by the IPKF

 4.5.89   K. Kandasamy                Killed by unidentified  Maruthankeni

                                       gunmen                  Thalayai,Jaffna

 5.5.89   Velupillai         (20)     Trapped in a shot set   Point Pedro

                                       fire to by the IPKF

 7.5.89   Kunam, Poovum Pottum        Murders claimed by LTTE Kalviyandaddu,J.

 9.5.89   T.Thanesh                   Lamppost punishment     Pallai

meted out by LTTE

10.5.89   Ahilan Thiruchelvam         Killed by the EPRLF     Near Hindu

                                                               Ladies College,J

10.5.89   V.Mahalingam       (65)     Killed by the LTTE      Karanavai,

           (Advocate)                                          Nelliady, Jaffna

11.5.89   K.Sabaratnam       (19)     Killed in a shootout    Irranaimadu Junc

           K. Nandakumar      (34)     near an IPKF camp       Killinochchi

11.5.89   An unidentified woman’s     dicovered with gunshot  Arasady Road,

           body                        injuries                Nallur, Jaffna.

11.5.89   An unidentified body        discovered with gunshot Inuvil


14.5.89   M. Kopalakrishnan           Shot dead by the EPRLF  Chunnakam

           (School Student)

14.5.89   R. Thevanesan      (40)     Shot dead by unknown    Chunnakam

           (cycle shop owner)          persons

14.5.89   S.Suhirtha                  Killed during an attack Kodikamam

on an SLTB bus by

unknown persons

16.5.89   P.Velu             (52)     Killed in shell attack  Nadunderni

           Other unknown

18.5.89   Inthumathy                  Killed by unidentified  Karainagar


18.5.89   4 civilians                 Killed by the IPKF      Puttur,Avarangel

18.5.89   K.Sivananthan      (31)     Killed in a shootout    Neervely,

           K.Sarojinidevi                                      Jaffna

20.5.89   A.Suvendiran       (30)     Body discovered with    Urumpiral

                                       gunshot wounds                  

20.5.89   Jeyanathan         (24)     Killed by the IPKF      Velvettithurai


23.5.89   Joseph Kennedy              Killed by unidenti‑     Ariyalai

fied gunmen

23.5.89   17 civilians killed         presumed to be by       Nilaweli

Sinhala marauderers

23.5.89   N.Bala             (60)     killed by unidenti‑     Tholpuram

                                       fied persons

24.5.89   A youth                     killed in a roundup     Kalvayal,

                                       by the IPKF             Chavakachcheri

25.5.89   An unidentified body        discovered near an      Oddusudan

           of a person                 IPKF camp

25.5.89   Murugiah                    shot dead by uniden‑    Kankesanthurai

tiied persons

26.5.89   Ms.S.Thirunavukarasu(30)    Found shot dead         Point Pedro

30.5.89   Ms. Indrani Christopher     Shot dead by uniden‑    Jaffna

tified gunmen

30.5.89   M. Karalasingham   (37)     Shot dead by unknown    Vannarponnai


30.5.89   T.Valambikai       (28)     Killed in a shoot out   Neerveli,Jaffna.

           N.Gopalasingham    (27)

(brother & sister)

30.5.89   S. Chelliah                 Shot dead by unknown    Nagarkovil

                                       gunmen                  Vadamarachchi

31.5.89   5 Muslim traders            Shot dead by unknown    Akkaraipattru


 2.6.89   V. Vijayakumar     (42)     found dead with gun‑    Navanthurai Junc

                                       shot injuries           Jaffna

 2.6.89   N.Anandarajah      (17)     shot dead by EPRLF      Kalasalai Veethi

           K.Gajendran        (19)                             Thirunelveli,


 2.6.89   K.Chandrakumar     (10)     Played with bomb lying  Kankesanthurai

           K.Sivakumar        (04)     on the ground and died  Jaffna

                                       when it exploded       

 3.6.89   Ms.S. Subramaniam  (45)     Shot dead by unidenti‑  Erlalai

           Ms.R. Selvaranee            fied gunmen

 3.6.89   Mr.M Shanmugam     (51)     Shot dead by the LTTE   Thambasiddar,

           (retired Police officer)                            Pt. Pedro

 7.6.89   P. Muraleedaran    (18)     Shot dead by the IPKF   Manipay Junc. J

 7.6.89   A. Kanapathipillai          Shot dead by unknown    Chulipupan

                                       persons                 Jaffna.

 8.6.89   B. Junaideen       (26)     Shot dead by unknown    Kantharmadam J.

           (trader)                    persons                 Jaffna

10.6.89   A. Selliah         (38)     Killed by unknown       Gurunagar

                                       persons                 Jaffna

12.6.89   V. Sriskandarajah  (34)     Shot dead by unknown    Vadamarachchi


12.6.89   Chandran                    Shot dead by unknown    Thunnalai

                                       persons                 Vadamarachchi

14.6.89   V.Sivasothy        (45)     Shot dead by the EPRLF  Nelliady

           S.Subramanium (traders)

16.6.89   V. Nagaratnam )

           Gunapala      )             Members of EROS         Vavuniya

           Mangalesh     )             presumed to be killed

           Ramachandiran )             by the IPKF

19.6.89   A youth                     body discovered with    Mathakal

                                       gunshot wounds          Jaffna

19.6.89   Ganeshmohan                 shot dead by unidenti‑  Vavuniya

fied gunmen

19.6.89   K.Balathas                  Shot dead by unknown    KKS Road, Jaffna


20.6.89   Pathmanathan                Shot dead by unknown    Pungadutivu

                                       persons                 Jaffna

22.6.89   Cyril Swampillai            Shot dead by the IPKF   Gurunagar

           (retired teacher)

23.6.89   K.Raveendran (Mason         killed during confron‑  Point Pedro

tation between the IPKF

and LTTE

25.6.89   4 civilians killed          shot dead by the IPKF   Batticaloa

26.6.89   K. Kandasamy       (46)     shot dead by unknown    Villan


26.6.89   K.Kandiah                   shot dead by the IPKF   Nanthavil


           Sharma (19) Priest

27.6.89  Gnanarajah         (23)    Shot dead by unknown   Pandarikkulam Rd

           Selliah             (35)    persons                 Vavuniya

 3.7.89   K.Nadarajah         (42)    Killed in a shootout    Malu Junction

           Ms.P.Kandiah                between IPKF & LTTE     Point Pedro

           S.Sujatha           (27)

 5.7.89   S. Vaithilingam     (60)    Shot dead by unknown    Point Pedro


 6.7.89   S. Parameswari              Killed by shell         Omanthai,


 6.7.89  A Teacher                  Killed by shell      Irranaimadu J.                                                                Killinochchi

11.7.89   A youth                     Shot dead by unknown    Killinochchi

                                       persons                 Depot

11.7.89   3 Civilians                 Shot by Sri Lankan      Kalmunai


12.7.89   S.Rajendra         (20)     Killed by unknown       Neerveli


12.7.89   2 members of the EROS       Shot dead by unknown    Thambalakamam


12.7.89   S.Rajeswaran       (42)     Shot dead by unknown    Trincomalee

           R.Rasu                      persons

16.7.89   T. Premkumar       (37)     Shot dead by unknown    Veeramahakali‑

           (Royal Pharmacy owner)      gunmen                  amman Kovil,


19.7.89   K. Umamaheswaran   (40)     Shot dead by unknown    Frankfort Place

           (Leader of PLOTE)           persons                 Colombo

22.7.89   Rasalatchumi       (38)     Shot dead by LTTE       Annaikoddai

26.7.89   J. Anthonipillai   (43)     Shot dead by unknown    Uduvil

           S. Rajalingam      (47)     persons

26.7.89   J. Rajaratnam      (34)     Shot dead in differ‑    Karainagar

           Ms. Selvan         (50)     ent incidents

Dr. V. Sivapragasan(67)

27.7.89   12 Civilians                Shot dead during a      Point Pedro

shoot out

27.7.89   3 Women                     Shot dead in a clash    Kalikai

27.7.89   S.Vairamuttu       (58)     Killed in a cross fire  Manthikai Junc.

           N.Subramanium      (55)     between IPKF and LTTE   Vadamarachchi

           S.Sivalingam       (45)


S.Sripathmanathan  (25)

           S.Ambalavanar      (31)

           P.Skandakumar      (18)

           S.Ganeshalingam    (20)

           N.Srikantha        (15)

           V.Ganeshanathan    (25)

           S.Pakianathan      (40)

27.7.89   K.Thurairajah               Killed by unknown       Suthumalai


27.7.89   An unidentified woman       Killed by unknown       Kirmakodam

                                       persons                 Point Pedro

27.7.89   Kumarakulasingham           Killed when on duty     1st Milestone

           (bus conductor)             by IPKF                 Point Pedro

27.7.89   Appan (aged)                Killed during an attack Point Pedro


30.7.89   Sinnammah          (37)     Shot dead by IPKF       Keeramakodu.


30.7.89   S. Sellachi        (78)     Shot by IPKF            Thunalai

           S. Thangama        (38)

           S. Shanthakumar    (20)

 3.8.89   1 Militant                  Shot dead by unknown    Akkaraipattu

           A. Uthuman & 4 other        persons


 3.8.89   2 Civilians                 Killed in a shell       Polidandy

                                       attack                  Vadamarachchi

 4.8.89   Ponuramu           (21)     Killed in a shell       Puttur West

           S. Sivarasa        (18)     attack                 

I.Vaithiakrittinan (47)     

7.8.89   40 Civilians                Killed in clashes       Velvettithurai

between LTTE & IPKF


17.8.89   M.Krishnaperumal   (40)     Shot dead by unknown    Vathiri


17.8.89   Two youths                  Shot dead by unknown    Iththavil


21.8.89   12 Civilians                Killed during a shoot   Alvail


21.8.89   Arulnangai         (17)     Shot dead by EPRLF      Kantharodai


21.8.89   Miss.S.Ranjitharaj (17)     Shot dead by LTTE       Kanthorodai


22.8.89   Bastiampillai      (75)     Shot dead by unidenti‑  Annaikoddai

           (ex police officer)         fied gunmen

           Nasa Arulshoba     (25)    

22.8.89   A young woman               Body found with gun‑    Mahiyapiddy      

shot wounds

27.8.89   A. Arumugam & an            Body discovered with    Pallai

           unidentified person         gunshot injuries

28.8.89   A youth                     body discovered with    Clock Tower Road

                                       gunshot wounds          Jaffna.    [Top]



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